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Lawsuit claims Brooklyn facility fails to care for patients

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2013 | Nursing Home Abuse |

Growing older facilitates many changes for the human body. The bones begin to creak, arthritis can set in and the memory may start to fade. This can be frustrating for the person experiencing these changes and make it hard for family and friends to witness. Sometimes family members — or an elderly person himself or herself — make the decision to move into a care facility. Other times, it is the courts who decide, declaring the person mentally incompetent, thereby making them a ward of the court.

Now, the family of a former judge is suing a Brooklyn facility that offers assisted living services for nursing home neglect and the absence of holding a state license. The lawsuit accuses the facility of failing to provide proper care for the judge, who was diabetic and had dementia. The judge was a resident of the care center for almost a year and his death, the lawsuit claims, was a result of the nursing home neglect he was exposed to.

One witness states that the nursing home was not giving the judge a diabetic-friendly diet. He was also not allowed to leave the building, unless it was to see his doctor, and did not receive his insulin shots on a regular basis. The lawsuit, which is a federal class action lawsuit, will allow other patients and their families to join the judge’s family in the courts.

It is surprising that this facility, which offers care for patients with dementia and other memory issues, has been allowed to accept such patients even though they do not have a license to do so. Families should take this as a warning and ensure that the facility they choose has an active license before placing their loved ones there.

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