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Profits Before Health by Martin M. Seinfeld

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2011 | Medical Malpractice |

We live in a society where the health care system is for profit. That does not mean that there are not generous and kind individual doctors and health care providers who work for the good of their patients, but that the system itself has a goal, and that goal is profit, sometimes even over health. That does not just apply for the uninsured. When we pay for health insurance we enter into a contract with the company to pay for the covered medical bills. But if profit is the corporate goal, necessary coverage could be denied despite the patient’s need or available coverage. Many of us have experienced this. I myself had coverage for my son denied again and again wrongfully, literally trying to wear me down just to pay the bill.

While for me it was a mere inconvenience and annoyance, for Nataline Sarkisyan, the pursuit of profit by her insurance company cost her, her life. Nataline, was a 17 old girl who just won the fight of her life with Leukemia. The chemo therapy destroyed her liver. Her only chance for survival was a liver transplant. She was put on the transplant list. A suitable donor was found. Her insurance company refused to pay, saying the treatment was experimental. By the time the company gave in to pressure and approved the surgery, it was too late, for Nataline. Profit triumphed over life. When Nataline’s family sought justice in Court, the insurance company hired lawyers and a public relations firm to fight it. They probably spent more on lawyers and spin doctors, then they would have had to pay the real doctors to pay for her care (click here to read more). This is despite the fact that corporate health insurers profits are skyrocketing. The profits of the 5 biggest health insurers in the country went up 56% in 2009, during the recession (click here for details). In 2010 the profit train kept rolling as the 10 biggest health insurance companies alone posted 9.3 billion dollars in profit for the first 3 quarters of 2010 (click here for details).

If you feel your health or your family’s health was harmed because the health services industry, denied you the medical care you deserved and paid for with your premiums, putting their profit before your health, call us.