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Thank you for doing such a great job representing my son on the purchase of his condo. As I am sure you could tell, he was very nervous about the whole thing, been waiting for the other shoe to...

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I feel blessed that somehow your firm in and my life crossed because the result is the quality of my mother’s life in respect to current and future needs is secure …

Dear Martin and Ira, thank you so much for working so hard on my case for so many years. My life changed 10 years ago when this occurred. I'm glad this chapter of my life has closed.

Just wanted to express how happy I am with your firm. I have known you for over 15 years starting with the purchase of my first home and when I continued utilizing your services when...

Words can not fully express how grateful and impressed I am with your outstanding services. Working with you and your staff not only made me feel comfortable and reassured but ...

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your efforts over the last two years regarding my case. Your attention to the details surrounding-my case was second to none...

Me sentir bien comoda con mi dos abogados, el Sr. Martin y el Sr. Futterman, que me trataron mi caso con mucha delicadeza y puecieron mucho tiempo en mi case

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Queens New York Legal Blog

Can you tell if a nursing home is caring for your loved one?

You spent a considerable amount of time preparing yourself and your loved one for the transition into a nursing home. You poured over the internet for hours, searching for facilities that upheld the values you wanted your family member to be treated with. You conducted your own interviews, analyzed reviews and weighed your options. Finally, after choosing a nursing home in New York, you are wondering if there are ways that you can continue to monitor your loved one's health and wellbeing even after he or she has become a resident. 

Monitoring the health, wellbeing and general happiness of your family member is critical to recognizing signs of abuse or neglect. When you are familiar with how your family member usually appears, you can be in tune when there are signs that something is wrong. According to U.S. News, one of the best things you can do is to continue to observe reports on the facility you have chosen, even after your family member has moved in. Be aware of the results of various inspections and how any problems were addressed. 

Understanding the risks your baby faces during childbirth

You are anticipating the birth of your baby and are excited about how your life is about to change. As you prepare to give birth at the New York hospital of your choice, you are feeling some anxiety about what will happen during delivery. At Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, we have helped many expectant parents to learn more about birth injuries and what their options are if they are dealing with the consequences of a traumatic birthing experience. 

While birth injuries are relatively uncommon given the high percentage of babies born each day, there are certain risks that could make you and your unborn baby more prone to these types of injuries. For example, if you have gestational diabetes or if your baby is abnormally large, you could both be facing higher probabilities of an injury happening. Birth injuries can occur because your baby must first travel through a narrow birth canal, is blocked at some point during delivery or your doctor does not use tools the right way that have been designed to facilitate the delivery of your child. 

Communication errors a significant contributor to surgical errors

Surgical errors can be one of the most damaging medical mistakes. People who suffer from the negligence of their surgeon may not only be left with an unsolved medical issue, but the painful recovery and emotional trauma of having suffered a surgery that was completely unnecessary and preventable. When people in New York coordinate their surgery with their medical team, it is critical that they advocate their wellbeing and take precautions to prevent surgical errors from becoming their demise. 

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, detailed analyses that were completed in an effort to discover root causes of common surgical errors, revealed an overarching problem: miscommunication. Health care facilities that do not prioritize communication protocols are even more at risk of performing a surgery that was not agreed upon with their patients. It is suggested that medical teams implement methods for measuring the effectiveness of their communication tactics to reduce the risk of injuring their patients. 

Un-medicated c-section blamed on hospital's negligence

When people are preparing to receive a procedure or treatment at a hospital in New York, they often place their life and physical well-being in the hands of experienced medical professionals who have been trained to provide thorough and proper care. However, there are times when poor communication, misunderstanding, carelessness and even recklessness on the part of hospital staff can create a very real danger for the patients they are supposed to be helping. 

In a recent case of negligence reported out of Oceanside, California, a family is sharing their harrowing ordeal surrounding the birth of their infant daughter. The couple claims they were at the hospital receiving care related to the mother's pregnancy, when the unborn baby's heart rate was lost. The mother's blood pressure also began to plummet and doctors made the split-second decision to perform an emergency c-section. The anesthesiologist that was on-call at the time was contacted and asked to come to the mother's room. After receiving no response in over eight minutes, the surgical team decided to proceed with the c-section. 

3 ways to expedite a real estate deal

Buying a home or piece of property is a major investment. It is exciting, too, to imagine the possibilities. Whether you plan to live in, develop or rent out your newly acquired real estate, you do not want to have the process delayed by red tape. Lenders, buyers and sellers must all cooperate to ensure that a deal reaches completion in a timely manner, and it is not uncommon for problems to draw out the process.

There are several steps that you can take, luckily, to expedite the process of a real estate transaction and avoid any unnecessary delays. 

Is understanding prescription labels important?

Your doctor in New York has just given you a new prescription to help you fight off discomforting symptoms that you have been experiencing for quite some time. Relieved, you just start taking the new medication without a second thought to potential side effects. However, not understanding the prescription you are taking could put you at risk of severe injury if you begin taking the drug without a proper understanding of its use and side effects. 

When you go to your pharmacy to pick up your medication, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist questions about the drug. Understand the basics such as how much to take, what time of day, how often to repeat dosages and whether or not it should be taken with other things like food, beverages or even other drugs. According to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, there are several critical parts of the label that you should read. These sections will provide detailed information including various warnings, designated uses and a list of ingredients and instructions for how to take the drug properly.  

Understanding your rights as a health care patient

When you go to your doctor, you may uphold the same belief as many other people; that your wellbeing is solely in the hands of the people caring for you. While this is true to a point, you also have patient rights. These entitlements are designed to protect you and give you the highest possible chance at receiving quality and compassionate care. At Futterman, Sirotkin & Seinfeld, LLP, we have helped many people in New York to effectively deal with the consequences of medical malpractice. 

Whether you are visiting the doctor for the first time in a while, or simply looking for information about your rights, understanding how you should be treated is invaluable in helping you detect when you are being treated unfairly. According to verywellhealth.com, some of the rights that you are entitled to include the following:

  • To have your medical records be kept completely confidential. 
  • To be treated in a manner that is respectful and civil. 
  • To deny any kind of treatment that you are not comfortable receiving. 
  • To have access to your medical records in their entirety. 
  • To have the option to sign a consent form when receiving any type of treatment. 
  • To give your opinion and make critical decisions regarding end-of-life treatment options. 

Are C-sections dangerous?

Many women undergo Cesarean deliveries every day in New York hospitals. According to the Mayo Clinic, a C-section is a surgical procedure that comes with risks over a vaginal delivery. However, vaginal deliveries also have risks. Getting a C-section is often the only option to preserve the health and safety of you and your baby. Sometimes a C-section is less risky than trying a vaginal delivery.

C-sections may be prearranged if the doctor sees signs that one is warranted. More often, though, it is a decision made during delivery. If you or your baby are undergoing stress during the delivery, it may be safer to take the baby through a C-section than wait for the natural delivery process. Often, with the birth of multiple babies, a C-section is needed to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Umbilical cord issues are another reason this type fo delivery may be required. Your doctor will carefully assess the situation and make a decision that he or she feels is in your best interest and in the best interest of your baby.

Why is cancer often misdiagnosed?

A cancer misdiagnosis, whether positive or negative, is a serious issue for New York medical providers. Telling someone they have cancer when they do not can lead to unneeded stress and medical procedures. Not diagnosing cancer in a patient can be even more serious. If you are misdiagnosed and you really do have cancer, it can allow time for the cancer to grow and spread, making it more difficult to treat. You may wonder why cancer is misdiagnosed and if it happens often.

According to ABC News, cancer misdiagnosis is common, and the issue often lies in the lab. Misreading samples in the lab leads to incorrectly identifying the presence of cancer. Mislabeling is also an issue. The people responsible for the actual diagnosis are likely someone you will never meet, so that person is basing his or her diagnosis only on what he or she sees under the microscope.

How and why hospital air becomes contaminated

While recovering in a New York City hospital, it is important for patients to breathe in air free of deadly pathogens. However, not all health care facilities maintain quality air as they should. In fact, according to Hughes Environmental, the Centers for Disease Control estimates as many as 1.7 million people contract infections from staying in a hospital. Many of these infections are due to contaminants carried by the hospital’s air.

Inspiredliving.com identifies a number of sources that can cause contaminants to build up in a hospital. Typically, harmful pathogens will grow in places that involve the hospital’s air circulation system, such as the air vents. If air vents in a hospital are not kept clean, they can become a transmitter of dangerous contaminants.

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