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New York’s hospitals ranked near bottom for patient safety

A recent report ranks New York as having some of the worst hospitals in the country.

Patient safety group Leapfrog recently released their influential national hospital rankings. While most states made significant improvements in hospital safety after Leapfrog released its first rankings in 2012, New York was not one of them. As NBC New York reports, the Empire State’s hospitals ranked near the bottom, with no hospitals in New York City receiving “A” grades and the state overall having the second-highest number of hospitals receiving an “F” grade. The rankings looked at medical errors, infections, and injuries at 2,630 hospitals throughout the country.

New York ranks close to last

New York came in 47th spot in the rankings, which were based on the percentage of hospitals in each state that received an “A” grade. Only 4.93 percent – or seven out 142 – of New York’s hospitals received an “A” and none of those top-ranked hospitals were located in New York City itself. On the other hand, the state had three hospitals receive “F” grades – the second-highest number of “F” hospitals in the country after California – and all three of those hospitals are located in New York City, with two in Brooklyn and one in Staten Island.

New York’s neighbors fared much better in the rankings. In New Jersey, 30 of the 68 hospitals measured received “A” grades while in Connecticut seven of the 25 hospitals ranked received “A” grades. Furthermore, no hospitals in New Jersey or Connecticut were hit with “F” grades.

Improvements are possible

Leapfrog released its first hospital rankings in 2012 and back then New York also ranked near the bottom of the list when it came to hospital safety. However, as USA Today reports, back then the Empire State was joined by 19 other states that had fewer than 19 percent of its hospitals receive “A” grades. In 2017, however, that list had shrunk to just 13 states, including New York. Some states made particularly impressive improvements. Rhode Island, for example, was ranked 50th in 2012 but came in first place in the latest rankings.

The rankings look at rates of infection, injuries, and medical errors at hospitals throughout the country. Following the first rankings in 2012, many hospitals made a concerted effort to improve patient-safety outcomes, which helped to reduce the overall number of “F” hospitals in the country to just 15. New York, however, seems to have lagged behind the rest of the country in terms of patient safety, with critics saying a lack of transparency is largely to blame for the poor performance of many hospitals.

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