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New York’s hospitals ranked among the worst in the nation

New York has fallen to 48th place in the influential spring 2018 hospital rankings by Leapfrog Group.

Leapfrog Group recently released its latest rankings of hospitals across the country and the results are particularly bad for New York. As NBC New York reports, the Empire State came in 48 th place in the rankings, with less than six percent of its hospitals receiving an “A” grade. While many states improved in the rankings, New York fell one position after having placed 47 th in the fall 2017 rankings. Hospitals in urban areas ranked particularly poorly for patient safety, with New York City having just one “A” graded hospital.

New York hospitals continue to perform poorly

The Leapfrog Group’s biannual ranking of hospitals is highly influential and is based on a number of factors, including rates of falls, pressure ulcers, and hand hygiene. The data is compiled from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), secondary data derived from organizations like the American Hospital Association, and Leapfrog’s own survey. Close to 2,500 hospitals were graded, with the best hospitals receiving an “A” and the worst an “F”.

In the last ranking in 2017, New York’s hospitals already fared poorly, with the state coming in at 47 th place. The spring 2018 rankings were no better. New York dropped one position to 48 th place, ahead of just Alaska, Delaware, and North Dakota. Only 5.84 percent of hospitals in New York received an “A” grade, well below the national average of 30 percent. Connecticut did slightly better, but not by much. The Constitution State had 8.33 percent of its hospitals receive an “A” grade, which put it in 46 th place. New Jersey did much better, with 33.85 percent of its hospitals graded an “A”, which was good enough for 17 th place nationwide.

Urban hospitals underperform

As Modern Healthcare points out, the rankings show that urban hospitals tend to score particularly poorly for patient safety. Of the five New York hospitals that received an “F” grade, for example, four were located in New York City itself while the fifth was on Long Island. Only one of the 11 New York City hospitals that were ranked received an “A” grade. Hospitals in Los Angeles, Chicago, and other large cities also performed poorly.

Analysts suggest the discrepancy may be because urban hospitals have to contend with a greater array of complex risk factors and with a larger patient population, which can lead to an increase in medical errors. However, the Leapfrog Group contends that population alone should not be an excuse for a poor patient safety record.

Medical malpractice law

Unfortunately, medical errors do happen and New York patients, as the above study shows, may be at particularly high risk. Anybody who may have been injured as a result of a possible medical error should contact a medical malpractice attorney immediately. An experienced attorney can help clients understand their legal options and help them pursue whatever claims they may be entitled to.

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