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Dangers of Portable Wading Pools

Many families who don’t want to shell out thousands of dollars for an in-ground swimming pool opt for a portable or wading pool to keep their family cool and entertained during the summer heat.

These above ground, portable pools are popular. But parents need to understand that, though they may be shallower and smaller than in-ground pools, these portable pools are still very dangerous for small children. Drownings have occurred in water as shallow as two inches. When a tragedy like that happens through lack of supervision, it can create a form of premises liability.

Data on Child Drownings

Portable pools are the cause of one child fatality every five days during the summer months, according to a new study published in the medical journal Pediatrics.

Safety Tips for Pool Owners

The most important thing parents need to remember when allowing children to play in backyard pools is that adult supervision is necessary at all times. The Pediatrics study found that over half (57 percent) of the drownings occurred when there was no supervision of the children in the pool.

Keeping the pool inaccessible or covered up while not in use is also important in avoiding accidental drownings. Invest in a pool cover, removable ladder or even a pool alarm to make sure your kids aren’t in the pool unsupervised.

In-ground pools should have fencing surrounding them for this reason. Depending on the size of your portable pool and how you use it, it may be smart to install temporary fencing around your backyard pool.

Keep these pool safety tips in mind if you have small children. Most (94 percent) of the children killed in the drownings examined in the study were under age 5.