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Surgical Errors Archives

Woman alleges improper equipment caused vocal chord damage

For patients about to receive medical or surgical treatment in New York City, the level of anxiety that they may be experiencing is likely correlated with the type of procedure they’re scheduled to have performed. Procedures involving the head, neck or internal organs may solicit quite a bit of worry, while surgeries to correct musculoskeletal issues may seem less risky. However, any surgical procedure should be considered serious, as any can produce complications that could cause life-altering results.

Avoiding the potential of post-operative DVT

When you go in for surgery at a hospital or medical center in Kew Gardens, any concern that you might have of being be the victim of a surgical error likely goes away once your procedure has been performed. Yet as many of the people that we here at Futterman, Sirotkin and Seinfeld, LLP have helped in the past can attest to, problems can easily arise during your post-operative care. Among the more common complications that surgical patients may face is deep vein thrombosis.

What is anesthesia awareness?

Like others in Queens, you have likely heard stories of patients waking up during surgery and dismissed them as being just that. However, anesthesia awareness is an actual diagnosed medical condition. What is anesthesia awareness? It is defined as the failure of anesthetic medication during a procedure, causing you to become aware of what is happening to you.

Lawsuit claims surgical error led to loss of woman’s extremities

Very rarely are surgical complications anticipated, and even when they are, Queens residents may assume that they will be minor enough to be able to be corrected with additional interventions. However, in many cases, complications following surgery can leave those suffering from them to face life-altering consequences, which often stem from conditions that may be unrelated to the initial problem for which they sought surgical treatment in the first place. If it is believed that one’s complications are a direct result of a doctor or surgeon’s error, than he or she may feel justified in initiating action based on that assumed negligence.

Was your nerve injury due to negligence?

When you go in for surgery in Kew Gardens, you likely assume that the only risks that you face are those that are outlined by your surgeon before your procedure. Yet what if nerve damage was not listed amongst those risks, yet you still ended up experiencing it after your surgery? Could that mean that the damage was caused by your surgeon?

What expectations should you have for your surgery?

As a consumer in Kew Gardens, you may be accustomed to walking into business establishments and seeing signs conveying the message “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” Hospitals and medical centers are also businesses, yet they tend to not make such promises. Why is that? Your satisfaction with your treatment is indeed something that healthcare providers value, yet your not being happy with the results of a procedure may often not be enough to warrant a medical malpractice claim. This raises the question of whether or not there should be any expectation of results when you do you receive care.

Doctor’s incorrect care choices cited as reason for miscarriage

When most hear stories about surgical errors being committed in Kew Gardens, they may likely assume that the victims of these errors were patients who were actively seeking care. Yet what if one’s alleged surgical error led to the death of an unborn fetus? Depending upon the legal view of a fetus in the state where the incident that may have ended its life occurred, liability may indeed be assigned if a provider’s actions were determined to be what terminated the pregnancy.

Examining emergency and trauma services guidelines

Dramatizations on television may have everyone in Kew Gardens believing that no matter what their ailment or injury may be, it can be treated successfully at any local emergency room. What is lost in this assumption is that there are several different types of hospitals that offer emergency services and trauma care, and that these facilities employ physicians of several different specialties. Surgeons, intensivists and cardiologists typically do not practice in emergency rooms. This gives rise to the question of what kinds of services should be performed in an ER.

How the healthcare system may cause harm – Part XII

Most in New York City likely picture their doctors as dedicated clinicians committed to helping advance the science of healthcare and improve the quality of lives of their patients. While most likely do continue to have their patients’ best interests at heart, the potential for experiencing burnout is present in every profession. The results of a study conducted by the Mayo Clinic and shared by the AARP Bulletin showed that 54 percent of doctors surveyed displayed at least some degree of burnout. The trouble is that doctors having difficulty giving their all to their work may pose a danger to patients.

How the healthcare system may cause harm – Part IX

Full disclosure and transparency is a standard that may be applied to almost all industries, including healthcare. Yet many in Kew Gardens may discover that finding information about those providing their care can be a difficult process. Part of that may be due to poor record sharing across different healthcare facilities and clinics. However, another reason why patients may have little access to their providers’ histories may be that oftentimes (particularly in cases involving errors), healthcare professionals may hesitate to disclose such information.

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